Wedding Blessings in Spain


Wedding Blessings

Wedding Blessings Ceremony

A wedding blessing is a short ceremony that takes place after the official civil ceremony.

A legal civil ceremony in Spain has become very difficult to organize unless the couple wishing to marry are residents. 

Couples who choose to have a marriage celebrant for a wedding blessing, do so in order that they may have a more personalised wedding ceremony that reflects their own uniqueness and personalities.  They opt to have the ‘legal’ part performed seperately at a registry office back in their home country or in Gibraltar.

It is a less expensive and much easier option for couples to have their legal paperwork organised beforehand and then come to Spain for their romantic, bespoke wedding blessing followed by a fabulous celebration of their unity.  

Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Wedding Blessings Ceremony

You don’t have to say your wedding vows to each other just once!

After years of marriage, many couples want to take the opportunity to express their on-going love and devotion to one another.

As with a wedding blessing, Amanda and Tony can create and personalise a ceremony that can either incorporate the same vows you promised to each other on your wedding day or perhaps you’d prefer to make some new promises to each other.

Some couples choose to have a similar structured ceremony like a wedding ceremony with re-exchanging their rings and saying their vows, whereas others may prefer a more casual affair incorporating all their family and friends.
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